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Clip in Extensions 40cm 120g - OxY Premium

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Oxy 16 inch clip-in 100% Remy hair extensions are created from superior quality human hair – for enhancing your look in 5 minutes flat. Every 16 inch set contains 120 grams of smooth, voluminous hair, and being double drawn a the weft you'll find minimal hair shedding, and optimal durability (for looking amazing each and everyday, without fail).

Every strand follows the same direction, each hair is cut to the very same length to ensure a full, flowing head of hair that's tangle and mat free.

These lush, luxury extensions are the perfect styling solution for longer, thicker hair in an instant. Remy are at the top of their game and respected the world over, and are super simple to clip in minus the harm of glue, the trickiness of tape and the discomfort of a weave.

As OxY Extensions are 100% human, you can chop, change, dye and style them as you wish – right there alongside your natural hair. The polymer coating that covers each clip will ensure that your extension say firmly put no matter how busy your day, all without damaging your natural hair and scalp.